Ministry Scriptures:   

God’s word says to meditate on His Word day and night and do not let His Word depart from you.  The best way to fight against the lies of the enemy is with The Word of God.  Pray, meditate, and contemplate on these scriptures and praise God for your victory!

March 1, 2012 – O God, create in me a clean heart! Renew the right spirit in me! I repent of my sins! Don’t take your Presence from me! ~Psalm 51:10-12


March 2, 2012 – O God, create in me a forgiving spirit! To love without a hidden agenda! To forgive without negative thoughts! ~Mark 11:22-26


March 3, 2012 – O God, I strive to walk on the Highway of Holiness! Convict me when I go astray! Forgive me, Abba, My Father!! ~Isaiah 35:8


March 4, 2012 – Dear Lord, today, I “Reverence” Your Sovereigntyand Humanity! I honor your work on Calvary; the Blood You Shed!! ~Matthew 26


March 5, 2012 – God, show me how to embrace the wilderness experience. Help me to always follow Your path!! Teach me how to walk in obedience each day of my life!!! ~Exodus 13:17-22


March 6, 2012 – O God, remove bitterness from my heart!  I desire to forgive those who have hurt me! Help me to love beyond my hurt!! Show me how to love!!! ~John 13:35


March 7, 2012 – O God, thank you for keeping my feet from slipping! Protect my thoughts and mind! Saturate me with strength! Crown me with purity, I Pray!!  ~Psalm 73


March 8, 2012 – O God, guide my tongue and order my steps when someone offends me! Help me to stand up for myself in a loving way! I desire to walk in peace!! ~Luke 17:1-4


March 9, 2012 – O God, protect me from ignorance! Instantly show me when I am wrong and to take corrective actions! Deliver me from negative habits, I Pray, Abba Father!!! ~Hosea 4:6


March 10, 2012 – O God, my faith in You gives me Victory to overcome the World! Remove fleshly desires in me on a daily basis! Thank you for Eternal Life, Abba Father!! ~I John 5:4-13


March 11, 2012 – Dear Lord, I PRAY to abound in LOVE andWISDOM! Give me a full understanding of Your Ways, Abba Father!!!~ Proverbs 4:7


March 12, 2012 – Dear Lord, I partake in your suffering this day, as Disciples of Christ. Give me divine strength to endure until the end! Let NOTHING separate me from your Love!! ~I Peter 4:12-19


March 13, 2012 – Dear Lord, I repent of my sins! I know you are a Forgiver of sins! Refresh me! Revive me! Renew me! Restore me! I love You, Lord with all my heart!!~Acts 3:19


March 14, 2012 – Dear Lord, please be attentive to my Prayer!  Have mercy!! I thank you for hearing my Prayers! I will TRUST You to do it, Abba Father!! ~Nehemiah 1:11


March 15, 2012 – Dear Lord, stretch my faith! I desire to walk in GREAT FAITH! Help me to Believe; despite what I see! Prayer + Faith = Blessings!!! ~Matthew 15:21-28


March 16, 2012 – Dear Lord, there is Power in Forgiveness! I was bought with a price! Today, I commune with You! I honor your suffering on the Cross; Hallelujah!!! ~I Corinthians 11:23-34


March 17, 2012 – Dear Lord, I ask for guidance to PRAY fervently for unbelievers! Give me compassion to witness to others!! Give me Boldness to Witness. My desire is to be a Powerful Witness for your Glory, O God!!! ~Romans 10


March 18, 2012 – Dear Lord, today, I THIRST for You! Fill my cup, O Lord! I long to know You intimately! Train my spirit to REPENT & BELIEVE!! ~John 19:28


March 19, 2012 – Dear Lord, today, I ask that you look at my heart; make it pure and Christlike! Allow my heart to be aligned with your Holy Spirit! I repent of every sin!! ~I Samuel 16:7


March 20, 2012 – Dear Lord, You are married to the backslider! Renew your covenant with me! I admit my faults and I forgive myself; help me to learn from my mistakes!! ~Jeremiah 3:13-15


March 21, 2012 – Dear Lord, I strive for truth to illuminate my heart! Give me discernment and to trust in your ability to guide me, O God! O God I do not want to be deceived!! ~I John 2:24-29


March 22, 2012 – 22 Dear Lord, I pray for spiritual renewal! Strengthen every part of my life and cover me with Amazing Grace! Help me to live with LOVE!! ~Hebrews 12:12-17


March 23, 2012 – Dear Lord, I pray to be an excellent steward over the Blessings you give! Teach me how to manage the blessings You give me on a daily basis!! ~Matthew 25:14-30


March 24, 2012 – Dear Lord, today, I give an Offering and a Sacrifice unto God for a sweet-smelling aroma! I bless your Name with the Fruit of my Lips; Abba Father!! ~Ephesians 5:2


March 25, 2012 Dear Lord, today, I TRUST in Your Redeeming Power! Your Mercy is Great! Thank You Lord for new Mercies each day!! ~Psalm 130


March 26, 2012 – Dear Lord, forgive me when I disobey your Holy Word! Allow Your Word to be Top Priority in my life! Transform me, O God through your Holy Word!! ~Psalm 119:105


March 27, 2012 – Dear Lord, prepare my mind and heart to be READY to give an answer to why I HOPE in YOU! Activate my faith! Train me to be a Walking Bible for your Honor!! ~I Peter 3:13-17


March 28, 2012 – Dear Lord, raise up a “Standard” against the attacks of the devil! I cancel every assignment of the enemy over my life! Cover me in the blood of Jesus!! ~Isaiah 59:19


March 29, 2012 – Dear Lord, my Motive is to know You in the Power of Your Resurrection – Draw me closer to You! Strip me of everything that is contrary to Your Ways!! ~Philippians 3:10


March 30, 2012 – Dear Lord, I rejoice in your Faithfulness! Fill my life with Joy and Peace! Keep me devoted to You, even when I am discouraged or distressed; Abba Father!! ~Zephaniah 3:14-20


March 31, 2012 – Dear, give me a clear understanding of the Gospel Message, so I can share it with others! Help me to never forget what You have done for me; Abba Father, I Pray!! ~Matthew 27


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